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Log Kits Canada and USA were established to fill the need for having a North American Based Distributor formed as we realised that there was a need for a North American Distribution Centre affording local knowledge, informed marketing and localised custom support.

This is the cost effective solution for building structures and homes in times of ever increasing prices.

Our European factory has state of the art equipment, methodologies and a highly skilled labor with many years of experience and invaluable knowledge ensuring that the products produced are at the highest standard and best possible pricing.


Cities we Serve in Ontario

Here are a list of cities we sell log kits in Ontario Canada:

Cities List: 10th Line Shore, Aberarder, Aberdeen, Aberfeldy, Aberfoyle, Abingdon, Abitibi Canyon, Abitibi, Abiwin, Acanthus, Achigan, Achill, Achray, Actinolite, Actons Corners, Adamsdale, Adamsville, Adanac, Addison, Adelaide, Adelard, Admaston, Adolphustown, Advance, Agate, Agawa Bay, Agawa, Agerton, Agincourt North, Agincourt, Agonzon, Ahmic Harbour, Ahmic Lake, Aikensville, Ailsa Craig, Airlie, Airy, Ajax, Akron, Alban, Albany Forks, Albert, Alberton, Albion Falls, Albion, Albuna, Albury, Alcona, Aldborough, Alden, Alder, Alderdale, Aldershot, Alderslea, Alderville, Alderwood, Aldred's Beach, Alexandria, Alexo, Alfred, Alfred Station, Algo, Algoma Mills, Algonquin, Algonquin Park, Alice, Allan Mills, Allan, Allan Park, Allanburg, Allans Corners, Allanwater Bridge, Allenford, Allen's Corners, Allensville, Allenwood Beach, Allenwood, Allimil, Allisonville, Alliston, Alloa, Allsaw, Alma, Alma Station, Almira, Almonte, Alpine Village, Alport, Alsace, Alsfeldt, Alsops Beach, Alta Vista, Althorpe, Alton, Altona, Alva, Alvanley, Alvinston, Amaranth Station, Ambassador Beach, Amberley, Ambleside, Ameliasburg, Amesdale, Ameson, Amethyst Harbour, Amherst Pointe, Amherstburg, Amherstview, Amigari Downs, Amigo Beach, Amulree, Amwri, Amyot, Ancaster Heights, Ancaster, Ancliff, Ancona Point, Anderson Lake, Anderson Lake Station, Anderson, Andrewsville, Andy's Corners, Angling Lake, Angus, Anjigami, Annable Settlement, Annan, Annex, Anoma Lea, Ansnorveldt, Anson, Ansonia, Ansonville, Anstice, Anstruther Lake, Anten Mills, Anthony, Antrim, Appelo, Appin, Apple Hill, Appleby, Appledore, Appleton, Applewood Acres, Applewood Heights, Applewood Hills, Apsley, Apto, Arbeatha Park, Arbor Vitae, Archer, Ardbeg, Arden, Ardendale, Ardmore Beach, Ardoch, Ardtrea, Argolis, Argon, Argyle, Ariss, Arkell, Arklan, Arkona, Arkwood, Arkwright, Arlington Woods, Armadale, Armbro Heights, Armitage, Armour Heights, Armow, Arms, Armstrong Mills, Armstrong, Armstrong Station, Armstrongs Corners, Arner, Arnott, Arnprior, Arnstein, Aroland, Arpin, Arranvale, Arthur, Arthur's Corners, Arva, Ascalon, Ash, Ashburn, Ashburnham, Ashburton, Ashby Lake, Ashby Mill, Ashdad, Ashdale, Ashgrove, Ashton, Ashton Station, Ashworth, Aspdin, Asselstine, Assumption, Astorville, Atha Road, Athens, Atherley, Atherton, Athlone, Athol, Atikokan, Atironto, Atkinson, Attawapiskat, Attercliffe, Attercliffe Station, Atwood, Auburn Mills, Auburn, Auden, Auden Park, Audley, Augsburg, Aunor, Aurora, Austin, Avalon Park, Avening, Avery Point, Avon, Avonbank, Avondale, Avonmore, Avonry, Avonton, Axe Lake, Aylen Lake, Aylen Lake Station, Aylen, Aylesworth, Aylmer, Aylmer West, Aylsworth, Ayr, Ayton, Ayton Siding, Azen, Azilda, Baby Point, Babys Point, Baddow, Baden, Badenoch, Badger's Corners, Badjeros, Baelstadt, Bagnall, Baie du Doré, Baie-du-Tonnerre, Bailey Corners, Bailieboro, Bainsville, Baird, Bairds, Bala, Bala Park, Bala Road, Balaclava, Balderson, Baldoon, Baldwin, Baldwins Bridge, Balfour Beach, Ballantrae, Ballinafad, Ballycanoe, Ballycroy, Ballydown Beach, Ballyduff, Ballymote, Balm Beach, Balmertown, Balmoral, Balmoral Park, Balmy Beach, Balsam Creek, Balsam Grove, Balsam Hill, Balsam, Baltics Corners, Baltimore, Balvenie, Bamberg, Banbury, Bancroft, Banda, Bangor Lodge, Bankfield, Banks, Banner, Banning, Bannockburn, Baptiste, Bar Point, Bar River, Barb, Barbers Bay, Barber's Beach, Barclay, Barcovan Beach, Bardsville, Barehead, Barkway, Barlochan, Barnesdale, Barnhart, Barrett Chute, Barretville, Barrhaven, Barrhead, Barrie, Barriefield, Barrillia Park, Barrow Bay, Barrydowne, Barrymere, Barry's Bay, Barryvale, Bartonville, Barwick, Basin Depot, Basin Mines, Basingstoke, Baskin's Beach, Bass Creek, Bass Lake, Bass Lake Park, Basse-ville, Batawa, Batchawana Bay, Batchewana, Bath, Bathurst, Batteaux, Battersea, Bawk, Baxter, Baxters Corners, Bay Beach, Bayfield Inlet, Bayfield, Bayridge, Bayshore Estates, Bayshore, Bayshore Village, Bayside, Baysville, Bayswater, Bayview Beach, Bayview, Bayview Park, Bayview Point, Bayview Village, Baywood Park, Beach O'Pines, Beachburg, Beachville, Beacon Heights, Beacon Hill North, Beacon Hill South, Beaconsfield, Beaconwood, Beales Mills, Bealton, Beamsville, Bear Cave, Bear Island, Bear Lake, Bear Line, Bear Pass, Bear Point, Bear Valley, Bearbrook, Beardmore, Bearskin Lake, Beatrice, Beatty, Beaucage, Beaumaris, Beaumonde Heights, Beaver Dams, Beaver Lake, Beaver Meadow, Beaverdale, Beavers Corner, Beaverstone Bay, Beaverton, Becher, Beck, Becker, Becketts Bridge, Becketts Creek, Becketts Landing, Beckstead, Beckwith, Bedell, Bedford Mills, Bedford, Bedford Park, Beech Beach, Beech Corners, Beechmount, Beechwood, Beeton, Behnke Wood, Bekanon, Bel Air Heights, Bel Air Park, Belanger, Belangers Corner, Belcreft Beach, Belfast, Belford, Belfountain, Belgrave, Belhaven, Bell Ewart, Bell Grove, Bell Rapids, Bellamys Mill, Bellamys, Belle Air Beach, Belle-eau-Claire Beach, Belle River, Belle Vallée, Belleview Beach, Belleville, Bellevue, Bellheck, Bellingham, Bellrock, Bells Corners, Bells Corners Station, Bells Crossing, Bells Junction, Bellwood, Belmeade, Belmont, Belmore, Belton, Belwood, Benallen, Bendale, Benmiller, Bennies Corners, Bennington Heights, Bennington, Benny, Benoit, Bensfort Bridge, Bensfort Corners, Bent River, Bentinck, Bentpath, Bergland, Berkeley, Berkshire Village, Berlett's Corners, Berriedale, Berrys, Berryton, Bertrand, Bervie, Berwick, Berylvale, Bessemer, Bethany, Bethel, Bethesda, Bethnal, Bethune Bush, Beveridge Locks, Beverley Acres, Beverley Hills, Beverley Isles, Bewdley, Bexley, Bickford, Bidwell, Bieman's Corners, Big Bay, Big Bay Point, Big Beaver House, Big Cedar, Big Cedar Point, Big Chute, Big Fork, Big Lake, Bigelow, Bigwin, Bigwood, Billings Bridge, Billings, Bill's Corners, Binbrook, Bingle, Binkham, Biota, Birch Cliff, Birch Haven, Birch Island, Birch Point, Birchmount Park, Birchwood, Birdell, Birds Creek, Birdsalls, Birge Mills, Birkendale, Birnam, Birr, Biscotasing, Bishop Corners, Bishops Mills, Bishopsgate, Bismarck, Bisseltown, Bissett Creek, Black Bank, Black Bay, Black Bridge, Black Creek, Black Donald, Black Hawk, Black Horse Corner, Black Horse, Black Rapids, Black River, Black Road, Blackburn Hamlet, Blackburn, Blackheath, Blacks Corners, Blackstock, Blackstone Lake, Blackstone, Blackwater Junction, Blackwater, Blackwell, Blair, Blairhampton, Blairs Settlement, Blairton, Blairton Station, Blake, Blakeney, Blalock, Blanchards Hill, Blanchard's Landing, Blanche, Blandford Station, Blantyre, Blenheim Junction, Blenheim, Blessington, Blezard, Blezard Valley, Blind River, Blink Bonnie, Bloomfield, Bloomingdale, Bloomington, Bloomsburg, Bloordale Gardens, Blossom Park, Blount, Blue Church, Blue Corners, Blue Mountain, Blue Mountains, Blue Springs, Blue Water Beach, Bluevale, Bluevale Siding, Bluewater Beach, Bluewater, Blyth, Blytheswood, Boakview, Bobcaygeon, Bobs Lake, Bogart, Bogarttown, Bogies Beach, Bognor, Boland's Bay, Bolger Bridge, Bolger, Bolingbroke, Bolingbroke Siding, Bolkow, Bolsover, Bolton, Bon Air, Bon Echo, Bon Secours Beach, Bona Vista, Bonarlaw, Bond Head, Bondi Village, Bond's Corners, Bonfield, Bongard Corners, Bongard, Bonheur, Boninville, Bonnechere, Bonnie Beach, Bonville, Bookton, Boon, Booth Landing, Booth, Boothville, Borden Farm, Borden, Bordenwood, Bornholm, Bornish, Borups Corners, Boskung, Boston Creek, Boston Mills, Boston, Bosworth, Botany, Bothwell, Bothwell Station, Bothwell's Corner, Boucks Hill, Boulter, Bourdages Corner, Bourdeau, Bourget, Bourkes, Bowen Corner, Bowermans, Bowers Beach, Bowesville, Bowker, Bowling Green, Bowmanville, Bowood, Bowser's Corner, Box Alder, Box Grove, Boyds, Boyle, Boyne, Bracebridge, Brackenrig, Bradburn Subdivision, Bradens Bay, Bradford, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Bradley, Bradlo, Bradshaw, Brady Lake, Braeheid Survey, Braemar, Braemar Park, Braeside, Bramalea, Bramalea Woods, Bramley, Brampton, Branchton, Brandy Point, Brant Hills, Brantford, Braund Port, Brawny, Bray Lake, Breadalbane, Brechin Beach, Brechin East, Brechin, Brechin Point, Breezy's Corners, Bremner, Brennan Harbour, Brent, Brentha, Brentwood, Breslau, Brethour, Brewer Lake, Brewers Mills, Briargreen, Briars Park, Brickley, Bridge End, Bridgenorth, Bridgeport, Bridgeview, Bridgeview Survey, Bridlewood, Brient, Brier Hill, Brigden, Bright, Brighton Beach, Brighton, Brights Grove, Brightside, Brignall, Brimstone, Brindle Crossing, Brinka, Brinklow, Brinkman's Corners, Brinsley, Brinston, Brisbane, Brisson, Britainville, Britannia Bay, Britannia Heights, Britannia, Britannia Road,