About Us

At The Bunkie Store and More, our mission is to be the premier destination for quality goods and services, enhancing the lifestyle of individuals and families across the Georgian Bay area. We are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences, offering a diverse range of products that cater to the diverse needs of our community. Our commitment stems from the diversity and strength of our ownership—a collective of Black, Indigenous, and women entrepreneurs. Our dedication to excellence drives us to continuously evolve, ensuring that The Bunkie Store and More will remain a trusted resource and a valued partner in enhancing the lives of our customers and the communities we serve.


Empowering lifestyles, enriching communities:
The Bunkie Store and More, your trusted hub in the heart of Georgian Bay.

Our Products

Our wooden structures are designed to elevate any space with their beauty and functionality. From custom Log Homes to outdoor living spaces and structures, we offer a diverse range of products that cater to your unique style and needs. All our creations are made from sustainably sourced wood, ensuring that our products are environmentally friendly and contribute to preserving our planet for future generations.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to consistently exceed expectations by providing unparalleled quality, service, and value to our customers. We pledge to uphold integrity, sustainability, and community engagement in every aspect of our operations, fostering enduring relationships and driving positive impact throughout Georgian Bay, encompassing Collingwood, Wasaga & the Barrie area.

We service the following cities: Aberdeen, Allan Park, Alsfeldt, Alvanley, Annan, Arnott, Ayton, Ayton Siding, Badjeros, Balaclava, Balmy Beach, Banks, Barrhead, Bayview, Bayview Point, Beaverdale, Benallen, Bentinck, Berkeley, Bieman's Corners, Big Bay, Birdell, Blantyre, Blue Mountains, Bognor, Boothville, Bothwell's Corner, Brooke, Bunessan, Calderwood, Camperdown, Castle Glen Estates, Cedarville, Centreville, Ceylon, Chatsworth, Christie Beach, Clarksburg, Copperkettle, Craigleith, Crawford, Cruickshank, Desboro, Dornoch, Dromore, Duncan, Dundalk, Durham, East Linton, Edge Hill, Elmhedge, Elmwood, Epping, Eugenia, Fairmount, Feversham, Flesherton, Flesherton Station, Garryowen, Georgian Beach, Gibraltar, Gildale, Glascott, Glen, Glenelg Centre, Goring, Griersville, Grimston, Habermehl, Hampden, Hanover, Harkaway, Hatherton, Heathcote, Hemstock Mills, Hoath Head, Hogg, Holford, Holland Centre, Holstein, Hopeville, Hutchisons Corners, Inglis Falls, Irish Lake, Jackson, Johnson, Keady, Kemble, Kent, Keward, Kilsyth, Kimberley, Kinghurst, Kingscote, Kiowana Beach, Kolapore, Lady Bank, Lake Charles, Lamlash, Landerkin, Lauderbach, Lauriston, Leith, Letterbreen, Lily Oak, Lindenwood, Little Germany, Loree, Louise, Lueck Mill, Maple Lane, Markdale, Marmion, Massie, Maxwell, McIntyre, McMurchy Settlement, Meaford, Minniehill, Mooresburg, Morley, Mulock, Nenagh, Neustadt, Orchardville, Owen Sound, Oxenden, Oxmead, Peabody, Pomona, Port Law, Priceville, Proton Station, Ravenna, Red Wing, Rob Roy, Robbtown, Rock Mills, Rockford, Rocklyn, Rocky Saugeen, Saugeen, Shallow Lake, Shouldice, Silcote, Springmount, Squire, Strathavon, Strathnairn, Swinton Park, Tartan, Temple Hill, Thistle, Thornbury, Topcliff, Traverston, Vandeleur, Varney, Ventry, Vickers, Victoria Corners, Walters Falls, Wareham, Waudby, Welbeck, Wilcox Lake, Williamsford, Wodehouse, Wolseley, Woodford, Yeovil, Zion, Zion, and more.