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Log Kits Canada and USA were established to fill the need for having a North American Based Distributor formed as we realised that there was a need for a North American Distribution Centre affording local knowledge, informed marketing and localised custom support.

This is the cost effective solution for building structures and homes in times of ever increasing prices.

Our European factory has state of the art equipment, methodologies and a highly skilled labor with many years of experience and invaluable knowledge ensuring that the products produced are at the highest standard and best possible pricing.


Cities we Serve in Prince Edward Island

Here are a list of cities we sell log kits in Prince Edward Island Canada:

Cities List: 48 Road, Abney, Abram-Village, Afton, Afton Road, Alaska, Albany Corner, Albany, Alberry Plains, Alberton, Alberton South, Albion Cross, Albion, Alexandra, Allisary, Alliston, Alma, Anglo Rustico, Anglo Tignish, Annandale-Little Pond-Howe Bay, Annandale, Appin Road, Argyle Shore, Arlington, Ascension, Ashton, Auburn, Augustine Cove, Augustus, Avondale, Baie-Egmont, Baldwin Road, Bangor, Bay Fortune, Bayfield, Bayside, Bayview, Beach Point, Bear River North, Bear River, Beaton Road, Bedeque and Area, Bedeque, Bedford Corner, Bedford Station, Belfast, Belle River, Bellevue, Belmont Lot 16, Bethel, Bideford, Big Pond, Birch Hill, Black Banks, Bloomfield Corner, Bloomfield, Bloomfield Station, Blooming Point, Bonshaw, Borden-Carleton, Borden, Bothwell, Brackley Beach, Brackley, Brackley Point, Brae Harbour, Brae, Breadalbane, Bridgetown, Brighton, Bristol, Brockton, Brookfield, Brooklyn, Brookvale, Brudenell, Bunbury, Bungay, Burlington, Burnt Point, Burton, Byrnes Road, Cable Head East, Cable Head West, Caledonia, Cambridge, Campbells Cove, Campbellton, Canavoy, Canoe Cove, Cap-Egmont, Cape Traverse Landing, Cape Traverse, Cape Wolfe, Cardigan North, Cardigan, Cardross, Carleton, Carleton Siding, Cascumpec, Cavendish, Central Bedeque, Central Kildare, Central Kings, Central Lot 16, Charlottetown, Chelton, Chepstow, Cherry Hill, Cherry Valley, China Point, Christopher Cross, Church Road, Churchill, Clarkin, Clearspring, Clermont, Clinton, Clyde, Clyde River, Coleman, Colville, Commercial Cross, Conway, Cornwall, Corran Ban, Corraville, Covehead, Covehead Road, Crapaud, Crosbys Mill, Cross River, Cross Roads, Culloden, Cumberland, Cymbria, Dalvay by the Sea, Dalvay, Darlington, Darnley, Days Corner, DeBlois, DeGros Marsh, Derby, DeSable, Dingwell, Dingwells Mills, Dock Corner, Donagh, Donaldston, Douglas, Dover, Dromore, Dunblane, Dundas, Dundee, Dunedin, Dunstaffnage, Duvar, Earnscliffe, East Baltic, East Bideford, East Point, East Royalty, East Wiltshire, Eastern Kings, Ebbsfleet, Ebenezer, Eglington, Eldon, Ellerslie-Bideford, Ellerslie, Elliotts, Elliotvale, Elmira, Elmsdale, Elmwood, Emerald, Emyvale, Enmore, Fairfield, Fairview, Fanning Brook, Farmington, Fernwood, Five Houses, Flat River, Fodhla, Forest Hill, Forestview, Fort Augustus, Fortune Bridge, Fortune Cove, Fortune Harbour, Founds Mills, Foxley River, Fredericton, Freeland, Freetown, French River, French Village, Frenchfort, Gairloch, Gambles Corner, Garfield, Gaspereaux, Georgetown, Georgetown Royalty, Gladstone, Glen Valley, Glencoe, Glencorradale, Glenfanning, Glenfinnan, Glengarry, Glenmartin, Glenroy, Glenwilliam, Glenwood, Goose River, Gowanbrae, Grahams Road, Grand River, Grand Tracadie, Grandview, Granville, Green Bay, Green Gables, Green Meadows, Green Road, Greenfield, Greenmount-Montrose, Greenmount, Greenvale, Greenwich, Guernsey Cove, Haliburton, Hamilton, Hampshire, Hampton, Harmony Junction, Harmony, Harper, Harrington, Hartsville, Hazel Grove, Hazelbrook, Hazelgrove, Head of Cardigan, Head of Hillsborough, Head of Montague, Heatherdale, Hebron, Hermanville, Hermitage, Higgins Road, High Bank, Highfield, Hillsborough Park, Hope River, Hopefield, Howe Bay, Howlan, Hunter River, Huntley, Indian River, Inkerman, Inverness, Iona, Iris, Irishtown, Johnstons River, Judes Point, Kelly Road, Kellys Cross, Kelvin Grove, Kelvin, Kensington, Keppoch, Kildare Capes, Kilmuir, Kingsboro, Kingston, Kinkora, Kinlock, Kinross, Knutsford, Lady Fane, Lady Slipper, Lake Verde, Lakeville, Launching Place, Lauretta, Leards Mill, Lennox Island, Leoville, Lewes, Lewis Point, Linkletter, Little Harbour, Little Pond, Little Sands, Little York, Locke Road, Long Creek, Long River, Lorne Valley, Lot 11 and Area, Low Point, Lower Bedeque, Lower Darnley, Lower Freetown, Lower Hamilton, Lower Malpeque, Lower Montague, Lower New Annan, Lower Newtown, Lower Rollo Bay, Lower Tryon, Loyalist, Lyndale, MacDougall, Malpeque Bay, Malpeque, Maple Hill, Maple Plains, Maplewood, Margate, Marie, Marshfield, Martinvale, Maximeville, Mayfield, McNeills Mills, Meadow Bank, Meadowbank, Melville, Mermaid, Middleton, Midgell, Milburn, Mill River East, Mill Road, Mill Valley, Millcove, Mills Point, Milltown Cross, Millvale, Millview, Milo, Milton Station, Miltonvale Park, Miminegash, Miscouche, Mont-Carmel, Montague Junction, Montague, Monticello, Montrose, Morell East, Morell, Mount Albion, Mount Buchanan, Mount Herbert, Mount Hope, Mount Mellick, Mount Pleasant, Mount Royal, Mount Stewart, Mount Vernon, Muddy Creek, Munns Road, Murray Harbour North, Murray Harbour, Murray River, Murray Road, Nail Pond, Naufrage, New Acadia, New Annan, New Argyle, New Dominion, New Glasgow Mills, New Glasgow, New Harmony, New Haven, New Haven-Riverdale, New London, New Perth, New Zealand, Newport, Newton, Newtown Cross, Nine Mile Creek, Norboro, North Bedeque, North Carleton, North Enmore, North Lake, North Milton, North River, North Rustico Harbour, North Rustico, North Saint Eleanors, North Shore, North Tryon, North Wiltshire, North Winsloe, Northam, Norway, Ocean View, O'Leary, Orwell Cove, Orwell, Oyster Bed Bridge, Oyster Bed, Palmer Road, Panmure Island, Park Corner, Parkdale, Peakes, Peakes Road, Pembroke, Peters Road, Peterville, Pinette, Pisquid, Pisquid West, Piusville, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant View, Point Deroche, Point Pleasant, Point Prim, Pooles Corner, Poplar Grove, Poplar Point, Port Borden, Port Hill, Port Hill Station, Portage, Pownal, Priest Pond, Primrose, Profits Corner, Reads Corner, Red House, Red Point, Rennies Road, Rice Point, Richmond, Riverdale, Riverton, Robertson, Rock Barra, Rocky Point, Rollo Bay, Rollo Bay West, Rose Valley, Rosebank, Roseberry, Rosehill, Roseneath, Roseville, Ross Corner, Roxbury, Royalty Junction, Rusticoville, Saint Andrews, Saint Ann, Saint Anthony, Saint Catherines, Saint Charles, Saint Chrysostome, Saint Dunstan's, Saint Edward, Saint Eleanors, Saint Felix, Saint Georges, Saint Lawrence, Saint Louis, Saint Margarets, Saint Marys Road, Saint Nicholas, Saint Patrick Road, Saint Patricks, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Saint Peters Bay, Saint Peters Harbour, Saint Roch, Saint Teresa, Savage Harbour, Scotchfort, Sea View, Seabrook, Seacow Pond, Seal River, Searletown, Selkirk, Shamrock, Sherbrooke, Sherwood, Skinners Pond, Slemon Park, Souris Line Road, Souris, Souris River, Souris West, South Freetown, South Granville, South Lake, South Melville, South Pinette, South Rustico, South Winsloe, Southampton, Southport, Southwest Lot 16, Spring Park, Spring Valley, Springbrook, Springfield, Springfield West, Springhill, Springton, Springvale, St-Gilbert, St-Hubert, St-Nicholas, St-Philippe, St-Raphaël, St-Timothée, Stanchel, Stanhope Bayshore, Stanhope by the Sea, Stanhope, Stanley Bridge, Stratford, Strathcona, Strathgartney, Sturgeon, Suffolk, Summerfield, Summerside, Summerville, Surrey, Tarantum, Tea Hill, Tenmile House, Tignish Corner, Tignish, Tignish Shore, Toronto, Tracadie Cross, Tracadie, Travellers Rest, Tryon, Tyne Valley, Tyrone, Uigg, Union Corner, Union, Union Road, Unionvale, Upton, Urbainville, Valley, Valleyfield, Vernon Bridge, Vernon River, Victoria Cross, Victoria, Victoria West, Village Green, Warren Grove, Waterford, Waterside, Watervale, Websters Corner, Wellington Centre, Wellington, Wellington Station, West Cape, West Covehead, West Devon, West Point, West River, West Royalty, West Saint Peters, Westmoreland, Wheatley River, Whim Road, White Sands, Wilmot, Wilmot Valley, Windon, Winsloe, Wood Island, Wood Islands, Woodstock, Woodvale, Woodville Mills, York, York Point, .