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Log Kits Canada and USA were established to fill the need for having a North American Based Distributor formed as we realised that there was a need for a North American Distribution Centre affording local knowledge, informed marketing and localised custom support.

This is the cost effective solution for building structures and homes in times of ever increasing prices.

Our European factory has state of the art equipment, methodologies and a highly skilled labor with many years of experience and invaluable knowledge ensuring that the products produced are at the highest standard and best possible pricing.


Cities we Serve in New Brunswick

Here are a list of cities we sell log kits in New Brunswick Canada:

Cities List: Aboushagan Road, Acadieville, Acamac, Acton, Adams Gulch, Adamsville, Albert Mines, Albertine, Albrights Corner, Alcida, Alderwood, Aldouane, Alexandrina, Allainville, Allan Cot, Allandale, Allardville East, Allardville, Allison, Alma, Alward, Ammon, Amostown, Anagance, Anagance Ridge, Anderson Road, Anderson Settlement, Andersonville, Anfield, Annidale, Anse-Bleue, Anthonys Cove, Apohaqui, Arbeau Settlement, Arbuckle, Archibald Settlement, Argosy, Argyle, Armond, Armstrong Brook, Aroostook, Arthurette, Ashland, Astle, Atholville, Auburnville, Aulac, Avon, Avondale, Avondale Road, Babbitt, Back Bay, Back Clarendon, Back Lots, Bagdad, Baie-Sainte-Anne, Baie Verte, Baie Verte Road, Bailey, Baillie, Bains Corner, Bairdsville, Baker-Brook, Balla Philip, Balmoral, Baltimore, Bannon, Bantalor, Bar-de-Cocagne, Bar Road, Barachois, Barber Dam, Barberie, Barkers Point, Barnaby River, Barnesville, Barnettville, Barony, Barrieau, Barryville, Barsa Subdivision, Barter Settlement, Bartholomew, Bartibog Bridge, Bartibog, Bartibog Station, Bartletts Mills, Barton, Bas-Cap-Pelé, Bas-Caraquet, Bass River, Bass River Point, Basse-Aboujagane, Basswood Ridge, Bastarache, Batemans Mills, Bates Settlement, Bath, Bathurst Mines, Bathurst, Baxters Corner, Bay du Vin Beach, Bay du Vin, Bay Road, Bay Shore, Bay View, Bayard, Bayfield, Bayshore, Bayside, Bayswater, Beaconsfield, Bear Island, Bear Landing, Beaubassin East, Beaubassin-Est, Beaufort, Beaumont, Beaver Brook, Beaver Brook Station, Beaver Dam, Beaver Harbour, Becketville, Beckim Settlement, Bedec, Bedell Settlement, Bedford, Bedford Road, Beech Glen, Beech Hill, Beechwood, Beersville, Belair, Bell Grove, Belledune, Belledune River, Belledune Station, Bellefleur, Bellefleur Station, Bellefond, Belleisle Creek, Belleville, Belliveau Village, Bells Mills, Belmont, Belyeas Cove, Ben Lomond, Benjamin River, Benoit, Benson Corner, Benton, Beresford, Berry Mills Heights, Berry Mills, Berryton, Bertrand, Berwick, Bethel, Bettsburg, Beulah, Beveridge, Big Cove, Big Hole Brook, Big Hole, Big River, Biggar Ridge, Birch Ridge, Birdton, Black Beach, Black Brook, Black Point, Black River Bridge, Black River, Black River Road, Black Rock, Blackies Landing, Blackland, Blacks Harbour, Blackville, Blagdon, Blair Athol, Blairs, Blaney Ridge, Blissfield, Blissville, Block 14, Bloomfield, Bloomfield Ridge, Blowdown, Blue Bell Corner, Blue Hill, Blue Mountain Bend, Blue Mountain Settlement, Bocabec Cove, Bocabec, Boiestown, Bois-Blanc, Bois-Gagnon, Boishébert, Boisjoli, Bon Accord, Bon-Secours, Bonney Road, Bonny River, Boom Road, Botsford Portage, Boucher, Bouctouche, Boudreau, Boudreau Road, Boudreau Village, Boundary Creek, Boundary, Bourgeois Mills, Bourgeois, Boyds Corner, Bradley Corner, Brantville, Breadalbane, Breau Creek, Breau Road, Breau-Village, Brest, Bretagneville, Brewers Mills, Bridgedale, Briggs Corner, British Settlement, Brockway, Bronson, Bronson Settlement, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Road, Brookvale, Brookville, Browns Corner, Browns Flat, Browns Yard, Bruce, Brunswick Mines, Bryants Corner, Bryenton, Buckley Settlement, Buctouche-Sud, Bull Lake, Bull Moose Hill, Bulls Creek, Burchills Flats, Burgess Settlement, Burnsville, Burnt Church, Burnt Hill, Burntland Brook, Burpee, Burpees Corner, Burton, Burtts Corner, Busby, Bushville, Butte-D'Or, Cadman Corner, Cahill, Cails Mills, Cains Point, Caissie Cape, Caissie-Village, Caithness, Caldwell, Caledonia Mountain, Calhoun, Cambridge-Narrows, Camerons Mill, Camp Gagetown, Camp Harmony, Camp Wegesegum, Campbell Settlement, Campbellton, Campobello Island, Canaan Forks, Canaan, Canaan Rapids, Canaan Road, Canadian Heights, Canal, Canobie, Canobie South, Canoose, Canterbury, Canton, Cantor, Cap-Bateau, Cap-Brûlé, Cap-de-Cocagne, Cap-de-Saint-Louis, Cap-des-Caissie, Cap-Lumière, Cap-Pelé, Cape Breton, Cape Enrage, Cape Spear, Cape Spencer, Cape Station, Cape Tormentine, Caraquet, Cardigan, Caribou Depot, Carlingford, Carlisle, Carlow, Caron Brook, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll Ridge, Carrolls Crossing, Carron Point, Carsonville, Carters Point, Carvell, Case Settlement, Cassilis, Castalia, Castaway, Catamount, Caverhill, Cedar Camp, Centennial Place, Central Blissville, Central Cambridge, Central Greenwich, Central Hainesville, Central Hampstead, Central Kingsclear, Central Norton, Central Tower Hill, Central Waterville, Centre-Acadie, Centre Glassville, Centre Napan, Centre-Saint-Simon, Centre Village, Centreton, Centreville, Chamberlain Settlement, Chambers Settlement, Chambres Corner, Chamcook Lake, Chamcook, Champdoré, Champlain Heights, Champlain, Chance Harbour, Chapel Grove, Chaplin Island Road, Chapman Corner, Chapmans Corner, Chapmanville, Charleston, Charlo, Charters Settlement, Chartersville, Chatham Head, Chatham, Chelmsford, Chemical Road, Cherry Burton, Cherry Hill, Cherryfield, Cherryvale, Chester, Cheyne Settlement, Chiasson, Chipman, Chockpish, Chocolate Cove, Christie Ridge, Christies Landing, Christopher, Church Hill, Churchill Heights, Churchland Road, Churchs Corner, Ciquart, Clair, Claire-Fontaine, Clairville, Clarence Ridge, Clarendon, Clarks Corners, Clarkville, Clearview, Clearwater, Clifton, Clifton Royal, Clover Hill, Cloverdale, Coal Branch, Coal Creek, Coates Mills, Coburg, Coburn, Cocagne Cove, Cocagne, Cocagne-Nord, Cocagne-Sud, Cochrane Corner, Codiac Heights, Codys, Coldbrook, Coldstream, Colebrooke Settlement, Colebrooke West, Coleraine, Coles Island, College Bridge, Collette, Collette-Village, Collina, Colpitts, Colpitts Settlement, Comeau Point, Comeau Ridge, Comeau Settlement, Concession-de-Baker-Brook, Concession-des-Bouchard, Concession-des-Jaunes, Concession-des-Lang, Concession-des-Ouellette, Concession-des-Vasseur, Concession-des-Viel, Connell, Connors, Cooks Brook, Cooks Crossing, Cookville, Coombes Road, Cork, Cormier Cove, Cormier-Village, Cormierville, Cornhill East, Cornhill, Cosman Settlement, Costigan, Côte-d'Or, Côte-Sainte-Anne, Coteau Road, Cottrell, Coughlan, County Line, Couturier Siding, Covedell, Coverdale, Covered Bridge, Cowans Creek, Cox Point, Coytown, Crafts Cove, Craig, Craigville, Creek Road, Crocker Hill, Crockets Corner, Crombie Settlement, Cross Creek, Cross Creek Station, Cross Roads, Crow Harbour, Crystal Beach, Culligan, Cumberland Bay, Cummings Cove, Currie, Currie Road, Currieburg, Curryville, Curtis Park, Curventon, Cyr Junction, Dalhousie Junction, Dalhousie, Damascus, Darlington, Daulnay, Dauversière, Davidson Lake, Davis Mill, Dawson Settlement, Dawsonville, Day Hill, Days Corner, Days Landing, Dead Creek, Deadmans Harbour, Debec Junction, Debec, Deep Cove, Deer Lake, Deersdale, Deerville, Demoiselle Creek, Dennis, Derby Junction, Derby, Derrys Corner, Desherbiers, Desjardins Road, Després-Village, Deuxième-Sault, Devereaux, Devine Corner, Devon, DeWolfe, Dibblee, Dickie Mountain, Dieppe, Digby Corner, Digdeguash, Dipper Harbour East, Dipper Harbour West, Divide, Doak Settlement, Doaktown, Dobsons Corner, Donegal, Donnelly Settlement, Dorchester Cape, Dorchester, Dorn Ridge, Dorrington Hill, Douglas Harbour, Douglas, Douglasfield, Douglastown, Dover Hill, Dover, Dow Settlement, Doyles Brook, Doyleville, Drisdelle, Drisdelle Settlement, Drummond, Drummond Station, Drury Cove, Drurys Cove, Dubee Settlement, Duck Cove, Dufferin, Duffys Corner, Dufourville, Dugas, Duguayville, Dumbarton, Dumfries, Dundas, Dundee, Dunlop, Dunsinane, Dupuis Corner, Durham Bridge, Durham Centre, Dutch Valley, Earle Wharf, East Bathurst, East Beaver Brook, East Branch, East Brighton, East Centreville, East Cloverdale, East Coldstream, East Collette, East Galloway, East Glassville, East Knowlesville, East Newbridge, East Riverside-Kinghurst, East Scotch Settlement, East Shediac, East Waterville, Eastmount, Edgetts Landing, Edmundston-Est, Edmundston, Edwards Corner, Eel Ground, Eel River Bridge, Eel River Cove, Eel River Crossing, Eel River Lake, Elgin, Elm Brook, Elm Hill, Elmhurst, Elmsville, Elmtree, Elmwood Estates, Elmwood, Elmwood Station, Emerson, English Settlement, Ennemond, Ennishone, Enniskillen, Enterprise, Epworth Park, Erb Settlement, Erbs Cove, Escuminac, Esdraelon, Evandale, Evangeline, Évangéline, Evans, Everett, Exmoor, Fair View, Fairfield, Fairhaven, Fairisle, Fairvale, Fairview Knoll, Fairville Plateau, Fawcett Hill, Fawcett, Fentons, Ferndale, Fernmount, Ferry Road, Fielding, Five Corners, Five Fathom Hole, Five Fingers, Five Points, Flat Landing, Flatlands, Flemming, Florenceville-Bristol, Flowers Cove, Flume Ridge, Foley Brook, Fontaine, Ford Bank, Fords Mills, Forest City, Forest Corner, Forest Hill, Forest Hills, Foreston, Forks Stream, Fosterville, Four Corners, Four Falls, Four Roads, Fourche-à-Clark, Fowlers Corner, Fowlers Corners, Fowlies Mill, Fox Creek, Fox Hill, Francoeur, Fraser, Fredericksburg, Fredericton Junction, Fredericton, Fredericton Road, Free Grant, French Lake, French Village, Frenchmans Creek, Frog Lake, Frosty Hollow, Fundy Heights, Gagetown, Gallagher Ridge, Gallant Settlement, Galloway, Garden Creek, Garden Road, Gardner Creek, Garnett Settlement, Gaspereau Forks, Gaspereau, Gautreau Village, Gauvreau, Gaythorne, Gaytons, Geary, Germantown, Germany, Giants Glen, Gibbon, Giberson Settlement, Gilberts Corner, Gillespie Settlement, Gilmans Corner, Girouardville, Gladeside, Gladwyn, Glassville, Glaude, Gleason Road, Glen Cairn, Glen Falls, Glen Levit, Glen Park, Glencoe, Glenvale, Glenwood, Gloucester Junction, Goan, Golden Grove, Gondola Point, Good Corner, Gooseberry Cove, Gordon Vale, Gordonsville, Gort, Goshen, Goudalie, Gowland Mountain, Grafton Hill, Grafton, Graham Corner, Grainfield, Grand Bay, Grand Bay-Westfield, Grand Falls, Grand Falls Portage, Grand Falls Station, Grand Harbour, Grand Lake Road, Grand Manan, Grand River, Grand-Ruisseau, Grand-Sault, Grande-Aldouane, Grande-Anse, Grande-Digue, Grande-Plaine, Grandmaison, Grangeville, Granite Hill, Grant Settlement, Gravel Hill, Gray Rapids, Grays Mills, Green Hill, Green Mountain, Green Point, Green River, Green Road, Greendale, Greenfield, Greenhill, Greenock, Greens Landing, Greens Point, Greenwich Hill, Greenwood, Gregan, Gregg Settlement, Grove Hamlet, Grove Hill, Grub Road, Guimond-Village, Gunningsville, Haché Road, Hacheyville, Haggertys Cove, Hainesville, Halcomb, Hale, Half Moon Pit, Halfway Depot, Halfway, Halls Corner, Halls Hill, Hammond River, Hammondvale, Hammtown, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Station, Hamtown Corner, Haneytown, Hanford Brook, Hanwell, Harcourt, Hardings Point, Hardingville, Hardwicke, Hardwood Ridge, Hardwood Settlement, Hardy, Harewood, Harley Road, Harper Settlement, Harris Brook Settlement, Harrison Brook Settlement, Harrison Settlement, Harrisville, Harten Corner, Hartfield, Hartford, Hartin Settlement, Hartland, Hartley Settlement, Harvey Bank, Harvey, Harvey Station, Hatfield Point, Haut-Bertrand, Haut-Caraquet, Haut-Lamèque, Haut-Madawaska, Haut-Paquetville, Haut-Saint-Antoine, Haut-Saint-Isidore, Haut-Saint-Simon, Haut-Sainte-Rose, Haut-Shippegan, Haute-Aboujagane, Havelock, Hawkins Corner, Hawkshaw, Hayden Ridge, Hayesville, Hayman Hill, Hayne, Hazeldean, Hazelton, Hazen, Head of Millstream, Heath Steele, Heathland, Hébert, Hebron, Hemphill Corner, Henderson Settlement, Hennigar Corner, Heron Island, Hersey Corner, Hersonville, Hewitt, Hickey Settlement, Hicksville, Highbank, Highfield, Highlands, Hildegarde, Hillandale, Hilldale Corner, Hillgrove, Hillhurst, Hillman, Hillsborough, Hillsdale, Hillside, Hodgin, Holderville, Holmesville, Holtville, Honeydale, Hopewell Cape, Hopewell Hill, Hortons Creek, Howard Brook, Howard, Howland Ridge, Hoyt, Hoyt Station, Humphrey Corner, Humphrey, Humphreys Mills, Hunters Corner, Hunters Home, Hurlett, Hurley Corner, Indian Falls Depot, Indian Island, Indian Mountain, Indian Village, Indiantown, Ingalls Head, Ingleside Heights, Ingleside, Inkerman Ferry, Inkerman, Inman, Intervale, Irish Settlement, Irishtown, Iron Bound Cove, Iroquois, Isaiah Corner, Island View Heights, Island View, Jackson Falls, Jacksontown, Jacksonville, Jacquet River, Jailletville, Jalbert, Janeville, Jardine Brook, Jardineville, Jeanne-Mance, Jeffries Corner, Jemseg, Jericho, Jewetts Mills, Johnson Croft, Johnson Settlement, Johnson's Mills, Johnston Point Road, Johnville, Jolicure, Joliffs Brook, Jones Crossing, Jones Forks, Jordan Mountain, Juniper, Juniper Station, Justasons Corner, Juvenile Settlement, Kars, Kay Settlement, Keatings Corner, Kedgwick, Kedgwick River, Keenan Siding, Keirsteadville, Kennebecasis Park, Kenneth, Kent Junction, Kent Lake, Kent Lake Siding, Kerrs Ridge, Keswick, Keswick Ridge, Ketchum Ridge, Ketepec, Kierstead Mountain, Kilburn, Kilfoil, Killams Mills, Killarney Road, Killoween, Kilmarnock, Kincardine, Kings Mines, Kingsclear, Kingsley, Kingston Corner, Kingston, Kinnear Settlement, Kirkland, Kirkwood, Klondike Settlement, Knightville, Knowlesville, Knoxford, Kouchibouguac, La Hêtrière, La Montagne, Lac Baker, Lac-des-Lys, Lac-Unique, Lagacéville, Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Road, Lakeburn, Lakeland, Lakeside, Laketon, Lakeview, Lakeville Corner, Lakeville, Lakewood Heights, Lakewood, Lamberts Cove, Lambertville, Lamèque, Lamoreaux Corner, Lampedo, Landry, Lands End, Lansdowne, LaPlante, Lapointe Settlement, Latimer Lake, Lauvergot, Lavillette, Lawrence Station, Le Bouthillier, Le Goulet, Le Lac, LeBlanc, LeBlancville, Lee Settlement, Leech, Légerville, Leonardville, Lepreau, Lerwick, Les Rapides, Letang, Letete, Leverville, Levesque, Levesque Settlement, Lewis Mountain, Lewisville, Licford, Limekiln, Limerick, Limestone, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lindys, Lingley, Linton Corner, Lisson Settlement, Listerville, Little Bartibog, Little Beach, Little Branch, Little Dover, Little Gaspereau, Little Lake, Little Lepreau, Little Ridge, Little River, Little Shemogue, Little Tracadie, Loch Lomond, Lockharts Mill, Lockstead, Loggie Lodge, Loggiecroft, Loggieville, London Settlement, Londonderry, Long Creek, Long Point, Long Reach, Long Settlement, Longley, Longs Creek, Lords Cove, Lorne, Lorneville, Losier Settlement, Lower Anfield, Lower Barnaby, Lower Bloomfield, Lower Brighton, Lower Burton, Lower California, Lower Cambridge, Lower Cape, Lower Caverhill, Lower Chatham Head, Lower Cove, Lower Coverdale, Lower Derby, Lower Durham, Lower Gagetown, Lower Greenfield, Lower Hainesville, Lower Jemseg, Lower Kars, Lower Kingston, Lower Kintore, Lower Lincoln, Lower Line Queensbury, Lower Little Ridge, Lower Main River, Lower Midland, Lower Millstream, Lower Napan, Lower Neguac, Lower Newcastle, Lower Northampton, Lower Norton, Lower Perth, Lower Portage, Lower Prince William, Lower Queensbury, Lower Ridge, Lower Rockport, Lower Royalton, Lower Saint-Charles, Lower Saint Marys, Lower Stoneridge, Lower Tower Hill, Lower Turtle Creek, Lower Wakefield, Lower Waterville, Lower Windsor, Lower Woodstock, Ludlow, Lugar, Lumsden Road, Lutes Mountain, Lutesville, Lynch Corner, Lynnfield, Lyttleton, Macabee, MacDonalds Point, MacDougall, Maces Bay, MacIntosh Mill, MacLean Settlement, Mactaquac, Madran, Magaguadavic, Magaguadavic Siding, Magnetic Hill, Magundy, Mainstream, Maisonnette, Malakoff, Malauze, Malden, Maliseet, Maltais, Maltampec, Mann Mountain Settlement, Mann Siding, Manners Sutton, Mannhurst, Manuels, Manzer, Maple Glen, Maple Green, Maple Grove, Maple Grove Station, Maple Ridge, Mapledale, Maplehurst, Mapleton, Mapleton Place, Mapleview, Maplewood, Maquapit Lake, Marcelville, Maria-de-Kent, Mark Hill, Markhamville, Marne, Marrtown, Marsh Junction, Martin Siding, Martinon, Marysville, Mascarene, Mates Corner, Mathias Landing, Matthews, Maugerville, Mavis Mills, Maxwell Crossing, Maxwell, Mayfield, Mazerolle Settlement, McAdam, McAlpines, McCain Settlement, McCann, McCluskey, McCully, McDonald Corner, McGinleys Corner, McGivney, McGowans Corner, McGrath Corner, McGraw Brook, McGregor Brook, McKeaghan, McKeens Corner, McKees Mills, McKendrick, McKenna, McKenzie Corner, McKinleyville, McLaughlin, McLean Settlement, McLeod Hill, McLeods, McManus Siding, McMinn, McMonagle Corner, McNairn, McNallys, McNamee, McNeish, McQuade, Meadow Brook, Meadow, Mechanic Settlement, Medford, Meductic, Meenans Corner, Melanson Settlement, Melrose, Memel Settlement, Memramcook East, Memramcook, Memramcook West, Menneval, Mercer Settlement, Meredith Settlement, Middle Caraquet, Middle Coverdale, Middle Hainesville, Middle Kouchibouguac, Middle Landing, Middle Sackville, Middle Southampton, Middlesex, Middleton, Midgic, Midland, Midway, Midwood, Milford, Milkish, Mill Cove, Mill Road, Mill Settlement West, Millbank, Miller Line Cache, Millerton, Millerville, Millidgeville, Milltown, Millville, Mineral, Mink Brook, Minto, Miramichi, Miscou Centre, Miscou Harbour, Miscou Lighthouse, Mispec, Mitchell Settlement, Mitchells Corner, Model Farm, Mohannes, Molus River, Moncton, Moncton Road, Monquart, Montagne-de-la-Croix, Montagne-des-Roy, Montagne-des-Therrien, Monteagle, Monument, Moorefield, Moores Mills, Moose Mountain, Morais, Morehouse Corner, Morna Heights, Morna, Morrell, Morrisdale, Morrison Cove, Mortimer, Moss Glen, Moulin-Morneault, Mount Hebron, Mount Hope, Mount Middleton, Mount Pisgah, Mount Pleasant, Mount Prospect, Mount View, Mount Whatley, Mountain Brook, Mountain View, Mountville, Mouth of Keswick, Mundleville, Muniac, Munsons Landing, Murphy Corner, Murphy Settlement, Murray Corner, Murray Road, Murray Settlement, Musquash, Nackawic, Napadogan, Napan Bay, Napier, Nash Creek, Nashwaak Bridge, Nashwaak, Nashwaak Village, Nashwaaksis, Nasonworth, Nauwigewauk, Neguac, Nelson Hollow, Nelson Junction, Nelson-Miramichi, Nepisiguit Junction, Nerepis, New Avon, New Bandon, New Canaan, New Denmark Corner, New Denmark, New Denmark Station, New England Settlement, New Horton, New Jersey, New Line Road, New Maryland, New Mills, New River Beach, New River, New Scotland, New Zion, Newbridge, Newburg Junction, Newburg, Newcastle Bridge, Newcastle Centre, Newcastle Creek, Newcastle, Newmarket, Newtown, Nicholas Denys, Nictau, Nigadoo, Nixon, Noinville, Noonan, Nordin, Normandie, North Branch, North Cains, North Devon, North Esk Boom, North Forks, North Head, North Lake, North Minto, North Renous, North Ridge, North Road, North Rogersville, North Tay, North Tetagouche, North Tilley, North View, Northampton, Northern Harbour, Northrups Corner, Northwest Bridge, Norton, Nortondale, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Notre-Dame-des-Érables, Notre-Dame, Nowlanville, Oak Bay, Oak Haven, Oak Hill, Oak Mountain, Oak, Oak Point, Oakland, Oakville, Odell, Odlum Junction, O'Donnells, Ogden Mill, Ohio-Du-Barachois, Old Dans Landing, Old Ridge, O'Neil, Ononette, Orange Hill, Orchards Corner, Oromocto, Oromocto West, Ortonville, Osborne Corner, Otter Cove, Otty Glen, Oxbow, Pacific Junction, Painsec Junction, Painsec, Pamdenec, Pangburn, Paquetville, Parker Ridge, Parkindale, Parlee Brook, Parleeville, Partridge Valley, Pascobac, Passekeag, Passmore, Patrieville, Patterson, Patterson Siding, Pearsonville, Peekaboo Corner, Peel, Pelerin, Pelletiers Mill, Pemberton Ridge, Pembroke, Pennfield Corner, Pennfield, Pennfield Ridge, Pennfield Station, Penniac, Pennlyn, Penobsquis, Perry Point, Perry Settlement, Perth-Andover, Peters Mills, Peters River, Petit-Cap, Petit-Chockpish, Petit-Large, Petit-Ouest, Petit-Paquetville, Petit-Rocher, Petit-Rocher-Nord, Petit-Rocher-Sud, Petit-Shippagan, Petitcodiac East, Petitcodiac, Petite-Aldouane, Petite-Lamèque, Petite-Réserve, Petite-Rivière-à-la-Truite, Petite-Rivière-de-l'Ile, Phillipstown, Picadilly, Piccadilly, Piercemont, Pigeon Hill, Pinder, Pine Glen, Pine Ridge, Pineau, Pineville, Pinniquine, Pirogue, Plaster Rock, Pleasant Ridge, Pleasant Vale, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant Villa, Plumweseep, Plymouth, Pocologan, Point aux Carr, Point de Bute, Point Gardiner, Point La Nim, Point Park, Pointe-à-Bouleau, Pointe-Alexandre, Pointe-Brûlé, Pointe-Canot, Pointe-du-Chêne, Pointe-Rocheuse, Pointe-Sapin-Centre, Pointe-Sapin, Pointe-Sauvage, Pointe-Verte, Poirier, Poitras Siding, Pokemouche Landing, Pokemouche, Pokeshaw, Pokesudie, Pokiok, Pokiok Settlement, Pole Hill, Pollett River, Pomeroy, Pomeroy Ridge, Pont-du-Milieu, Pont-Lafrance, Pont-Landry, Pontgravé, Poodiac, Popelogan Depot, Popple Depot, Port Elgin, Portage de Shippagan, Portage-du-Lac, Portage Vale, Porten Settlement, Porter Brook, Porter Cove, Porter Road, Powers Creek, Pratts Camp, Pré-d'en-Haut, Price, Price Road, Price Settlement, Priceville, Prides Landing, Prime, Primrose, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Prince William Station, Princess Park, Prosser Brook, Public Landing, Pughs Crossing, Purdys Corner, Quaco Road, Quaker Brook, Quarries, Quarryville, Quatre-Coins, Quatre-Milles, Queenstown, Quinton Heights, Quisibis, Quispamsis, Ramsay Lodge, Ramsay Sheds, Randall Corner, Randolph, Rang-Cinq-Et-Six, Rang-des-Bossé, Rang-des-Bourgoin, Rang-des-Collin, Rang-des-Couturier, Rang-des-Deschêne, Rang-des-Lavoie, Rang-des-Morneault, Rang-Dix-Huit, Rang-Dix, Rang-Double-Nord, Rang-Double-Sud, Rang-Douze-Nord, Rang-Douze-Sud, Rang-Quatorze, Rang-Saint-Georges, Rang-Saint-Joseph, Rang-Seize, Rang-Sept-et-Huit, Rang-Sept, Rapids Depot, Ratter Corner, Red Bank, Red Head, Red Rapids, Red Rock, Redbank, Redmondville, Reeds Point, Rees, Renauds Mills, Renforth, Renous, Rexton, Riceville, Richard-Village, Richardson, Richardsville, Richibucto, Richibucto-Village, Richmond Corner, Riley Brook, Rings Corner, Rio Grande, Ripples, Ritchie Lake, Ritchie, River Charlo, River de Chute, River de Chute Siding, River Glade, River View, Riverbank, Riverside-Albert, Riverview Heights, Riverview, Rivière-à-la-Truite, Rivière-au-Portage, Rivière-des-Caches, Rivière-du-Portage, Rivière-Verte, Roach, Roachville, Robertville, Robichaud, Robichaud Settlement, Robinson, Robinsonville, Rocheville, Rockport, Rockville, Rocky Corner, Rogersville, Roix Road, Rollingdam, Rooth, Rosaireville, Rosborough Settlement, Rosedale, Rosevale, Ross Corner, Ross, Rossville, Rothesay, Rothwell, Rough Waters, Rowena, Roy, Roy Settlement, Royal Road, Royalton, Rusagonis, Rusagonis Station, Russell, Russelltown, Russellville, Sackville, Sagwa, Saint Almo, Saint-Amand, Saint-Amateur, Saint-André-de-Shédiac, Saint-André, Saint Andrews, Saint-Anselme, Saint-Antoine, Saint-Arthur, Saint-Athanase, Saint-Aubin, Saint-Basile, Saint-Camille, Saint-Charles, Saint-Charles-Nord, Saint-Charles Station, Saint Croix, Saint-Cyrille, Saint-Damien, Saint-David, Saint David Ridge, Saint-Édouard-de-Kent, Saint-Fabien, Saint-François-de-Kent, Saint-François de Madawaska, Saint-Gabriel-de-Kent, Saint George, Saint-Grégoire, Saint Hilaire, Saint-Ignace, Saint-Ignace Siding, Saint-Irénée, Saint-Isidore, Saint-Jacques, Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-Restigouche, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Saint John East, Saint John, Saint John West, Saint-Joseph-de-Kent, Saint-Joseph-de-Madawaska, Saint-Joseph, Saint-Laurent, Saint-Lazare, Saint-Léolin, Saint-Léonard, Saint-Léonard-Parent, Saint-Louis de Kent, Saint-Luc, Saint-Marcel, Saint Margarets, Saint-Martin-de-Kent, Saint-Martin-de-Restigouche, Saint Martins, Saint Mary, Saint-Maure, Saint-Maurice, Saint-Norbert, Saint-Olivier, Saint-Paul, Saint-Philippe, Saint-Pierre-de-Kent, Saint-Pons, Saint-Quentin, Saint-Raphaël-sur-Mer, Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Sosime, Saint Stephen, Saint-Thomas-de-Kent, Saint Thomas, Saint-Wilfred, Sainte-Anne-de-Kent, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, Sainte-Anne-du-Bocage, Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Cécile, Sainte-Louise, Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël, Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer, Sainte-Rose-Gloucester, Sainte-Rosette, Salem, Salina, Salisbury, Salmon Beach, Salmon Creek, Salmon River, Salmonhurst Corner, Salt Springs, Samp Hill, Sand Brook, Sand Hill, Sand Point, Sandy Point Road, Sandyville, Sapin-Court, Saumarez, Savoy Landing, Scale, Scotch Lake, Scotch Ridge, Scotch Settlement, Scotchtown, Scott Road, Scott Siding, Scoudouc, Scovil, Sea Side, Seal Cove, Searsville, Seaview, Second Falls, Second North River, Seeleys Cove, Selwood, Semiwagan Ridge, Sevogle, Shampers, Shanklin, Shannon, Shannonvale, Shaw Brook, Shediac Bridge, Shediac Cape, Shediac, Shediac Ridge, Shediac River, Sheffield, Sheila, Shemogue, Shenstone, Shepody, Sherwood Park, Shewan, Shinnickburn, Shippagan, Shippigan, Siegas Lake Settlement, Siegas, Sillikers, Silver Falls, Silver Falls Park, Silverwood, Simms Corner, Simonds, Simpson Corner, Simpsons Field, Sirois, Sisson Brook, Sisson, Sisson Ridge, Sisson Settlement, Six-Milles, Six Roads, Skiff Lake, Slope Road, Smith Corner, Smith Settlement, Smithfield, Smiths Corner, Smiths Creek, Smiths Crossing, Smithtown, Snider Mountain, Somerville, Sormany, Sorrel Ridge, Soucy, South Bathurst, South Bay, South Branch, South Devon, South Esk, South Gordonsville, South Greenfield, South Johnville, South Knowlesville, South Kouchibouguac, South Minto, South Musquash, South Nelson Road, South Portage, South Ridge, South River, South Road Settlement, South Saint-Norbert, South Tetagouche, South Tilley, South Tweedside, South Waterville, Southampton Junction, Southampton, Southfield, Southfield Road, Speerville, Spence Settlement, Spring Brook, Springdale, Springfield, Springfield Settlement, Springhill, Spruce Brook, Spruce Lake, Squaw Cap, St-Antoine-de-Kent, Stanley, Staples Settlement, Steeves Mills, Steeves Mountain, Steeves Settlement, Steevescote, Stewarton, Stickney, Stilesville, Stonehaven, Stoneridge, Stoney Creek, Stoneycroft, Stony Creek Station, Storeytown, Strathadam, Strong Corner, Stuart Town, Stymiest Road, Sugar Brook, Summerfield, Summerville, Summit Depot, Summit, Sunbury, Sunny Acres, Sunny Acres West, Sunny Brae, Sunny Corner, Sunnyside, Sunpoke, Sunset Valley, Surrey, Sussex Corner, Sussex, Sutherland Siding, Swan Creek, Swans Shore, Sweeney Settlement, Sweeneyville, Synton, Tabusintac, Tankville, Targettville, Tarrtown, Tattons Corner, Taxis River, Tay Creek, Tay Falls, Tay Mills, Tay Valley, Taylor Village, Taymouth, Teahans Corner, Teeds Mills, Telly Road Crossing, Temperance Vale, Temple, Tennants Cove, Terrains de L'Évêque, The Bluff, The Cedars, The Glades, The Gorge, The Grant, The Ledge, The Lots, The Range, The Ridge, The Willows, Thériault, Thibault, Thomaston Corner, Thompson Corner, Thornetown, Three Brooks, Three Tree Creek, Tide Head, Tilley Road, Timber River, Tinker, Titusville, Tobique Narrows, Torryburn, Tracadie Beach, Tracadie, Tracadie-Sheila, Tracey Mills, Tracy Depot, Tracy, Tracyville, Tremblay, Tripp Settlement, Trois-Ruisseaux, Trout Brook, Trudel, Tryon Settlement, Tugtown, Tunaville, Turgeon, Turner Settlement, Turtle Creek, Tweedie Brook, Tweedie, Tweedside, Two Brooks, Tynemouth Creek, Underhill, Undine, Uniacke Hill, Union Corner, Union Mills, Union Settlement, Upham, Upper Balmoral, Upper Barnaby, Upper Belleisle, Upper Blackville Bridge, Upper Blackville, Upper Brighton, Upper Brockway, Upper Buctouche, Upper California, Upper Cape, Upper Caverhill, Upper Charlo, Upper Coverdale, Upper Crossing, Upper Derby, Upper Dorchester, Upper Dover, Upper Dundee, Upper Durham, Upper Gagetown, Upper Gaspereau, Upper Golden Grove, Upper Goshen, Upper Greenwich, Upper Hainesville, Upper Kent, Upper Keswick, Upper Kintore, Upper Knoxford, Upper Letang, Upper Little Ridge, Upper Loch Lomond, Upper Maugerville, Upper Midland, Upper Mills, Upper Miramichi, Upper Napan, Upper New Horton, Upper Northampton, Upper Point de Bute, Upper Pokemouche, Upper Queensbury, Upper Rexton, Upper Ridge, Upper Rockport, Upper Royalton, Upper Sackville, Upper Saint-Maurice, Upper Salt Springs, Upper Sheila, Upper Southampton, Upper Stoneridge, Upper Tilley Road, Upper Tower Hill, Upper Tracy, Upper Wards Creek, Upper Waterville, Upper Wicklow, Upper Woodstock, Upperton, Upsalquitch, Urney, Utopia Centre, Utopia, Val-Comeau, Val-d'Amour, Val-Doucet, Val-Lambert, Val-Melanson, Val-Michaud, Val-Nadeau, Val Oakes, Valhalla Estate, Vallée-Lourdes, Valley, Valley Road, Valleyview North, Vautour, Veneer, Verret, Vespra, Victoria Beach, Victoria Corner, Victoria, Village-Blanchard, Village-des-Arsenault, Village-des-Belliveau, Village-des-Cormier, Village-des-Léger, Village-des-Poirier, Village-La-Prairie, Village-Saint-Augustin, Village-Saint-Irénée, Village-Saint-Jean, Village-Saint-Laurent, Village-Saint-Paul, Village-Saint-Pierre, Village-Sainte-Croix, Vinegar Hill, Violette Brook, Violette Settlement, Violette Station, Waasis, Wakefield, Wakem Corner, Walker Settlement, Wallace Cove, Waltons Lake, Wapske, Ward Corner, Ward, Ward Settlement, Wards Creek, Warwick Settlement, Washademoak, Waterborough, Waterford, Waterloo Corner, Waterside, Waterville, Watson Settlement, Watt Junction, Watt, Waweig, Wayerton, Weaver, Weaver Siding, Weeks Road, Welch Cove, Welch, Weldfield, Weldon, Wells, Welsford, Welshpool, West Bathurst, West Beach, West Branch, West Collette, West Galloway, West Glassville, West Quaco, West River, West Riverview, West Sackville, West Scotch Settlement, West Waterville, Westcock, Westend, Westfield Beach, Westfield Centre, Westfield, Westmorland Heights, Weston, Wheaton Settlement, White Head, White Rapids, Whitehead, Whites Bluff, Whites Brook, Whites Cove, Whites Mills, Whites Mountain, Whites Settlement, Whitney, Whittier Ridge, Wickham, Wicklow, Wiggins Mill, Wileys Corner, Williamsburg, Williamstown, Willow Grove, Wilmot, Wilson Point, Wilsons Beach, Windsor, Wine River, Winston, Winton Crossing, Wirral, Wirral Station, Wishart Point, Wood Point, Woodhaven Court, Woodhurst, Woodland, Woodlands, Woodman, Woodmans Point, Woodpecker Hall, Woodside, Woodstock, Woodstock Road, Woodville, Woodwards Cove, Wyers Brook, Yoho, York Mills, Youghall, Young Ridge, Youngs Cove, Youngs Cove Road, Youngs Crossing, Zealand, Zionville, .